Pink Fire Pointer The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

                 The Nova Scotia Tattoo that is held the first week in July every year is a show not to be missed. For those of us who have been in the military it instills a feeling of pride, for the regular spectator to put it mildly it is moving, a tear jerker and wonderfully entertaining. Known as the world's largest annual indoor show it features over 2,000 world-class performers. The performers are made up of military and civilians from all over the world. A family show of 2 to 2 1/2 hours of music, dance, acrobatics, drama, comedy and military music and displays. The show was first opened as the Nova Scotia Tattoo in 1979, when the Queen Mother of England opened the show. The name changed to the Nova Scotia International Tattoo in 1984. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II changed the name to the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in 2006 to commemorate her 80th birthday.. The cast are the best, coming from all over the world and including people of all ages and backgrounds. There are pipes, drums, military and civilian bands, historic re-enactments, dancers, choirs, military displays, acrobats, drama, comedy, and competitions between the participants. The show is for all ages, locals, students, seniors, children and tourists alike. It is loved by all. The show is held annually in the Halifax Metro Center in the heart of downtown Halifax. Halifax is the vibrant capital of the province of Nova Scotia. The city was founded in 1749 and is steeped in history. With its many universities the city has a bustling nightlife and numerous festivals and events. The history of the Titanic, Halifax explosion and its history as a military base can all be found in this exciting city. In addition to Tattoo Show at the Metro Center, that same week hundreds of thousands of people are entertained with a series of free noon-time concerts, parades and performances. These take place mainly in the Spring Garden Road area, some on the Waterfront, others at the Grand Parade and some at several other locations a little further out of downtown.